Dear Oxford Omnia Family and Friends, 

As of last Sunday (March 29th), the MB English Centre in Kinh Mon, Vietnam has temporarily suspended in-person classes and has moved to online learning due to the unfolding situation with the coronavirus pandemic. While it saddens us to temporarily close, the safety of the students, staff, and volunteers at the centre is and will always be our prime priority.  

We are happy to share with the wider community that our e-learning platforms have been especially successful with our adult students. For our younger students, volunteers are in the process of creating video lessons to send to students’ parents. Due to the instability of internet access, unfamiliarity with online mediums, and a lack of access to computers, we recognise the utmost importance of adjusting lesson formats based on evolving needs and restrictions and are working on solutions to these issues.  

We would like to reassure you that Oxford Omnia’s Education team will remain hard at work remotely to focus on revamping the current curriculum at the centre, with the help of our on-site project manager, Claudia. We will be continuing to recruit staff members in Vietnam, but international volunteer recruitment must be temporarily suspended due to visa restrictions. 

It is undoubtedly a time of uncertainty as we continue to encounter many unknowns. Nevertheless, Oxford Omnia is determined to use this time as an opportunity to develop more online course tools and bolster the school’s infrastructure. We are hopeful that when we reopen, we will begin classes with new vigour, passion, and excitement!

We thank you for your involvement in supporting our organisation. If you would like to learn more about Oxford Omnia and the MB English Centre or donate, please visit our website at Alternatively, you can donate to our gofundme at

Any funds we raise go directly to ensuring the school is well-maintained and that staff are adequately compensated for their work. The impacts of this English Centre are great, in not only educating this Vietnamese community in the English language, but also in fostering a multifaceted path of empowerment. Your donations will directly work to enable the power of knowledge and education to this community and beyond.

Please continue to watch this space for updates, and feel free to get in touch anytime with any questions or concerns.  

In the meantime, we send you our wishes of health, happiness and peace.

In solidarity,

Amal, Antoinette & Simren 

Deputy Directors of Education at Oxford Omnia International

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