This Remembrance Day, it’s time for a new English pacifism

The Civil Society Review editor, Bertie Harrison-Broninski, takes us through the moral dilemmas of poppy-wearing. In Britain, it is commonplace to wear a red poppy in November as an act of war ‘remembrance’. Some, however, object to the Poppy Appeal and The British Legion, believing their messaging to be overly jingoistic. Many believe these organisations […]

The Civil Society Review is here!

Oxford Omnia’s online journal, The Civil Society Review, has posted its first article since rebranding our old blog as a new outlet. For a taste of the kind of content you’re going to be seeing from The CSR, head on over to In Opinion and check out Hugh Pomeroy’s article on the dangers of westernisation […]

Coming soon!

In Review is going to be The Civil Society Review’s section for reviews: of books, exhibitions, documentaries, relating to civil society and our key focuses. If you’d like to write a review for us, get in touch at [email protected]

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In Conversation is going to be The Civil Society Review’s interview section. If there’s someone you’d like to interview for us, send us an email at [email protected]

Vietnam Raises South China Sea Disputes at UNGA

This is a translation for Oxford Omnia by Ky Nam Nguyen of an article on the Vietnamese news site, originally published in Vietnamese on 29th September 2019. Why Ky Nam thinks this article is important; ‘though he didn’t mention China directly, Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister’s speech to UNGA on the 28th September confirmed expectations: […]

Evaluating Universal Basic Income

By Sara Dube The concept of universal basic income has policymakers and influencers around the world hotly divided. Those in favour frequently have a clear argument centred on the claim that there is less need for traditional nine-to-five jobs due to the impact of automation on society, opening up time for people to pursue creative […]