Stitched together stories: the plights of garment worker women in Bangladesh

CW; mention of sexual harassment, domestic violence Bangladeshi readymade garments (RMG) worker Nasrin Begum feels embarrassed recalling the plights that she began to face as a teenager, and is still carrying now. Begum was 15-years old in 1990, when she married a carpenter who was twice her age. They lived in a remote area in […]

The Women Strike and the Youth Revolts: in conversation with a Polish pro-choice activist

Protest against abortion restriction in Kraków, October 2020

Tom Lesniara talks to Aleksandra Sidoruk, a member of Łódzkie Dziewuchy Dziewuchom, to hear from the frontlines of the historic protests in Poland. On 22nd of October, The Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that a statutory provision which allowed women to access abortions in cases of foetal abnormality was unconstitutional. The Tribunal Judge Justyn Piskorski later […]

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